Become A Better Athlete With OctaSlider!

OctaSlider | 11 years ago

The OctaSlider™ workout will help you get that ripped, lean, muscular body you’ve been looking for. However, that’s not all it will do!

With dedication, hard work and consistency, the OctaSlider™ will help you become a better athlete and improve your performance on the court, field or ice.

To achieve at the highest level of any sport you need Balance, Lower Body Strength, Upper Body Strength, Core Strength and Endurance. Our team of trainers and fitness professionals have worked hard to put together exercises, workouts and diet plans that will help you in all 4 facets and in the game!

With every OctaSlider™ workout you will be challenging your balance and core strength. Proper form and execution will depend on your ability to maintain your posture, move smoothly and hold your body as required.

Within the combinations of OctaSlider™ exercises that our team has put together for you are workouts specifically designed to attack your lower body and make you a better runner, skater and jumper as well as your upper body to make you a better hitter, shooter, tackler and thrower.

If you are willing to put in the time and dedication that it takes to create change and get results, the OctaSlider™ will give you the work that you need. The workouts will not be easy and when you think that you’ve got a move mastered, we’ve got progressions to keep your muscles engaged and working.


Whether you’re running, skating or jumping, balance plays a huge part in what you do and how well you do it. Without great balance you are not going to stay on your skates or bounce off of a tackle. Your balance is the key to new successes that you haven’t achieved before. The OctaSlider™ workout provides great balance challenges with every exercise. From Octa-Squats to Octa-Flys, your concentration will not be able to waiver if you want to complete your sets.

You will notice that your balance improves as your lower body and core strength increases and supports you through your OctaSlider™ workouts and on the field!

Lower Body Strength:
Through OctaSlider™ exercises like Octa-Squats you will work your lower half and see muscle strength improvements in your quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes. In fact, all OctaSlider™ exercises and movements will require you to use your legs to hold position, steady your body and complete the moves.

The more you work and the more you concentrate on your form and tension, the more you will notice an improvement in your lower body strength. With this increased strength you will be able to push of harder to skate or jump, your strides will be stronger when you run and you will be more stable and in control on your feet.

Upper Body Strength:
Your shoulders, chest and lats are a source of great power and ability in your athletic endeavors. Through the OctaSlider™ workout program you will notice that you are putting great pressure and tension on your upper body.

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