The 3 Best (and Free!) Food Tracking Apps

Sarah Aspler | 10 years ago


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When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about a mathematical equation. You have to burn more than you eat. It’s simple but it can be complicated when you can’t keep track of what you eat. It’s not practical (or cool-looking) to carry around a food journal. That’s why food tracking apps are so beneficial – you always have them on you. Best of all – most of them are free!

So whether you need to track what you’re eating or just want to gain some more nutritional info, I highly recommended getting an app!

1.  MyPlate Calorie Tracker

This app is perfect for general calorie tracking. It was designed from, Lance Armstrong’s health and fitness website. Its best features are its simple design and its integration with the website for support groups, forums, and more! It’s easy to add physical tasks and food to get a glance at your eating to exercise ratio.

2. MyFitnessPal

This app’s biggest advantage is that it has the largest food database out of all iPhone calorie apps with over 3,000,000 foods! This includes meals at popular restaurants. You can also enter ingredients and serving sizes for your own recipes and then save them as meals to avoid wasting time entering the same dinners in time after time. It’s super easy to adjust portion sizes and edit your food diary. The app allows you to track exercise, graph your results and even scan a barcode for easy food entry!


Most apps track the amount of calories but what about the composition of your total consumption? This app ensures that you track not just your nutrition – but also the balance of nutrition. It can quickly and efficiently calculate the percent of protein, carbs and fats in each meal! Several popular diets recommend that your eating should consist of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat! These quantities of macronutrient groups are essential to building muscle and losing fat!

It doesn’t really matter what app you decide to download – what matters is that you become more conscious of what you eat and how much. These apps are extremely beneficial and easy to use! There are #NoMoreExcuses!


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